Avanu, believes success is after our customers' success. Avanu designs and manufacture products based on a simple principle: easy to use, easy to deploy, provide long lasting reliability, delivered at reasonable price.

WebMux™ Family of Load Balancers

The WebMux Network Traffic Manager is a high capacity and full-featured product that meets the most demanding network traffic load balancing performance needs for an extensive range of TCP and UDP Internet protocol (IP) based applications and services. In 2005, Microsoft® chose WebMux as one of the first three hardware load balancers (HLB) to support its unified communications (UC) Live Communica­tions Server platform (today’s Lync Server and Skype® for Business Server 2015), because of WebMux’s excellent features, performance, reliability, and affordability.

WebMux has evolved providing load balancing functions to many popular applications from other world-class companies including Cisco®, IBM®, and Oracle®.  Popular applications and services include Lync® Server, Exchange® Server, SharePoint® Server, Xbox® Live Games Server, Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows® Server, WebLogic®, WebSphere®, Unified Communications services (unified messaging, IM presence, team collaboration, audio/web/video conferencing, mobility, and VoIP), databases, FTP, POP, terminal servers, and web servers to name a few.

WebMux load balancing features are developed on the powerful 64-bit processor platform using intensive algorithms that provide the high capacity, reliability, and availability to manage, control, and secure local network Layers 4-7 traffic. AVANU adds value by being customer-centric by placing customers at the center of the product design, from the standpoint of the user’s interface, features, and customer support.

The WebMux setup and configuration wizards remove the need for any scripting and make the deployment of WebMux quick and easy for popular applications and services.  The different WebMux appliance models offer performance scalability supporting 1 to 10GbE copper or 10GbE Fiber SFP+ (SR or LR) interface, all models support dual hot-swap power supplies, some models have an IPMI port for remote IPMI services (examples-soft/hard resets and temperature monitoring), and come with a 2-year product warranty (parts and labor) with 1-year product technical support and firmware updates

Virtual WebMux Software Edition

Virtual data centers and cloud computing (private and global) continue to accelerate in popularity due to the simplicity of automation, scalability, and up-front costs.  Virtual WeMux Network Traffic Manager is the affordable and cost-effective full-featured and high capacity performing solution that supports your demanding cloud computing network traffic load balancing requirements.  It plays a critical role in these environments for load balancing the network traffic of the different applications and services assuring users data is delivered reliably to its intended destination. WebMux load balancing features have over a decade of development using intensive algorithms that provide high capacity, reliability, and availability to manage, control, and secure IPv4 and IPv6 TCP and UDP protocols, applications, and services. 

Virtual WebMux editions offer performance scalability supporting gigabit to 10-gigabits/s Internet link throughputs and come with a full-year product technical support.