ArcMail's solution, the Defender, was developed to provide cost-effective email archiving hardware that improves the user experience, reduces the load on IT resources and safely secures the business information contained in emails, all in an easy-to-use appliance. We believe the Defender is the best email archiving solution for organizations with anywhere from 5 to 5,000+ mailboxes across a broad section of industries. Companies and organizations such as: Behr Paints, State of New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, St. Louis Public Schools and the Canadian Parliament have all turned to ArcMail for efficient email storage. ArcMail has also been listed by leading business analyst companies who report on email archiving appliance vendors.

Many Reasons to Archive and Zero Reason Not to:

  • Get More Done

    - Email is a valuable business tool, but without email archiving your employees are likely wasting hours every week managing their inboxes. An email archiving program can simplify your retention policy, allowing employees to think less about email and more about getting down to business.

  • Improve Email Server Performance

    - The average corporate email account receives 18 MB of data every day. If your not regularly archiving emails, your server can overload, slowdown or even crash. Email archiving with ArcMail Defender gives employees the freedom to delete emails knowing that they’re still easily accessible if needed.

  • Keep Data Secure

    - Automatic email archiving ensures that you don’t lose critical information sent via email.

  • Free Your IT Resources

    - Email archiving streamlines the retrieval process by making emails available to individual users without bogging down your IT staff.

  • Mine Your Email

    - ArcMail’s email backup optimization solution not only stores your data, it also makes that data easily accessible in the future. That means you can easily search your email archive for overlooked sales leads, forgotten conversations and other useful data that could translate into additional revenue.

  • Reduce Email Discovery Costs

    - In some cases, the cost of email discovery can be so high that just settling the lawsuit is a more cost-effective option. Email archiving provides legal protection by guaranteeing that all email is recorded and unalterable. An intuitive search engine allows for the quick and easy email discovery, saving thousands in legal fees.

  • Stay Compliant

    - Sarbanes-Oxley email compliance, SEC email compliance, HIPAA email policy and other regulations require the retention of and access to email records for specific types of businesses and government entities. Email archiving ensures that all of your emails and attachments are stored in their original form, making you fully compliant with all government regulations.

  • Protect Your Business from a Crash

    - Implementing an email archiving program ensures no matter what happens on each local computer, valuable emails will always be accessible.