Cofio's vision is simple: Focus on solving the complexities inherent in today's data protection strategies, and, deliver a solution that unites normally separate technologies, with human workflow capabilities and needs Central to this solution, is that users will realize value that is orders of magnitude greater than with individual point products. Data protection with 'unified consistency' is not easily achieved in the open systems marketplace. But with Cofio, it is within your reach.

The user's experience and ROI with data management and protection are key drivers for our work at Cofio. Solving a problem as big as the end-to-end management of critical data is one thing, making the solution something that works effectively for you and your organization is another.

Unity Breeds Power and Simplicity for Data Protection and Recovery

AIMstor was created to unify many important Data Protection functions, and eliminate the redundant, complex and wasteful ways of legacy approaches.

By unifying Data Protection with natural workflow management in a single user interface and application, Cofio has a created a powerful and easy to use solution that is both hardware agnostic, and driven by the ways you do business. Some of your immediate benefits when choosing AIMstor:

  • Up to 10X to 20X LAN/WAN Bandwidth improvement over legacy data protection
  • Up to 95% Capacity Reduction over legacy data protection
  • Improve IT management efficiencies by up to 200% to 400%
  • Optimize Restore times 3X to 100X with Tag-Store-Index of all data

Aimstor Product Overview

AIMstor Backup
"Unified Backup: Because with typical "legacy backup", you are unprotected in more ways than you thin"

"Faster Recovery Point Objectives? Yes You Can"

AIMstor Replication
"Real-Time Replication for DR"

AIMstor Version
"Unstructured Data Must Be Managed"

AIMstor Block and Track
"Because Humans Are Unpredictable"

AIMstor Bare Metal Recovery
"Bare Metal Restore: The System Recovery Challenge"