ExaGrid Systems

The ExaGrid system is a cost effective and scalable disk based backup solution that works with your existing backup application. ExaGrid combines high quality SATA drives, compression and byte-level data de-duplication for fast and reliable backups and restores.

ExaGrid EX Series Product Line

ExaGrid offers a highly scalable disk-based backup system that works with your existing backup application and combines high quality SATA storage, compression and byte-level data de-duplication with a virtualized GRID architecture. This unique approach reduces the disk space required for backup by a range of 10 to 50:1, delivering unparalleled cost savings and performance at a fraction of the price of standard SATA disk storage. ExaGrid EX Series Product Line Data Sheet

Scalable GRID Architecture

There are five core ExaGrid disk-based backup servers. These servers include GRID computing software. When plugged into a switch they virtualize into one another. As a result, any of the five configurations can be mixed and matched into a single GRID system, with full backup capacities up to 30TB, in 1TB increments. Once virtualized, they appear as a single system to the backup server. Load balancing of all data across servers is automatic and multiple GRID systems can be combined for additional capacity. ExaGrid is perfect for environments with backups of 1TB to 60TB. Frequently Asked Questions

On-site and Off-site Disk-based Backup

ExaGrid supports two-site and multi-site topologies. Each site can act as a backup target for storage of local backups. Further, each site can transfer just the changed bytes to an off-site location so that the off-site location can perform data recovery if the local site is lost. This support is bi-directional allowing systems used as off-site repositories to also act as local backup targets for data backups at those sites. With two-site configurations, it is very common to have both systems act as a local backup target and to cross-protect each other by replicating the local data to the opposing site. With multi-site topologies, a centrally located site may cross protect with one of the other locations for long-term retention and disaster recovery for the central site backup data.


ExaGrid's unique approach to scalability provides the following benefits:

  • Performance is maintained as your data grows – each additional ExaGrid server added to a system provides disk, processor, memory and GigE
  • Capacity utilization is load-balanced across servers – as a single server reaches full utilization, it can leverage space available on other servers in the GRID
  • Plug and play expansion – adding an additional ExaGrid server is as simple as plugging it in and letting ExaGrid's automatic virtualized GRID software do the rest
  • Cost-effective, system "right-sizing" – acquire just what you need now, add more later as data grows