If you have Windows servers with dedicated disks or small SANs-each acting as a Windows file server or running Windows applications-NetApp can help you significantly reduce your costs while dramatically simplifying your Windows environment. Sprawling servers and storage take up more space and consume more resources. Most Windows servers run at just 15% to 20% of capacity, wasting money and administration time.

Move all your Windows storage to NetApp and:

  • Eliminate Windows storage and server sprawl and promote administrative efficiency
  • Maximize ROI while reducing the cost of storage and administration
  • Grow and reclaim storage in seconds without user interruption
  • Automate and simplify management to improve data protection and availability

Storage Systems

  • FAS6000 Series
  • FAS3100 Series
  • FAS2000 Series
  • Data ONTAP GX Systems
  • NearStore on FAS
  • NetApp VTL
  • V6000 Series
  • V3100 Series
  • Information Server


  • Data Center Automation Software
  • Management Software
    • Application Suite
    • Database Suite
    • Server Suite
    • Storage Suite
    • Partner Integration
  • Protection Software
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Business Continuity
    • Archive and Compliance