The PivotStor Tape Libraries provide reliable, automated data protection for organizations that require affordable unattended data protection. Offering cost effective tape autoloaders, you can more easily free-up valuable IT resources, minimize human error, backup data quickly, and generate offsite archive copies of your critical data, while meeting your data retention requirements.

PivotStor AP Series rack-mountable tape libraries are available in LTO3 or LTO4 models with the flexibility of either Fibre Channel (FC), SAS or SCSI/LVD connectivity. They come out of the box ready to be installed and connected to either a server or SAN, and they feature an easy-to-use operator control panel (OCP) and a web browser-based remote management user (RMU) interface to execute setup and diagnostics, check library status, operations and logs, and upgrade firmware.

“Pivotstor Manufactures high quality Tape Loaders
from 24 slots to 96 slots”

PivotStor Smart Architecture

PivotStor AP Series Rack-mount Tape Libraries incorporate several unique design architectures that ensure the highest levels of robotics, precision and reliability. These design architectures are:

  • PivotSense™

    PivotSenseTM is a light-sensing design architecture used by the PivotStor robotics to position accurately with the magazine cartridge slot. This technique eliminates the need to calibrate the robotics mechanism.

  • PivotSecure™

    PivotSecureTM is a dual-armed cartridge carrier technology that secures the cartridge during load and fetch operations. This is a more reliable method of fetching a cartridge than the standard single-hook mechanism that twists the cartridge while pulling it, making it more likely to slip.

  • PivotSure™

    PivotSureTM is a motor-driven gear design that precisely aligns robotic tracking and positioning. It provides a more reliable, trouble-free operation than belts and pulleys.